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I have built enough courage to put myself out there and start my own blog. I don’t necessarily have anything interesting to say, and my main motivation behind this blog is that I would like it to be a learning exercise.

I am very interested in tech-related topics, including GNU/Linux, free software, privacy in the digital age, but also electronics hacking, cryptography, and cyber-security. A lot of times I find myself going through a tutorial, tinkering with my local Linux install, or learning about a new concept. I now would like to document such experiences, mainly for the following reasons:

  1. I have found that writing about newly lived experiences and freshly learned concepts helps crystallizing them in one’s mind. Additionally, having to go through the notions and steps implied in such learning experiences might always reveal misunderstandings that were hiding bellow the surface.
  2. I hope that having a public facing record of my work will impose a certain discipline and sense of accountability on me, when it comes to my learning journey.
  3. There’s a very good chance that someone, somewhere at a certain point will face the same problems I did on my journey, hopefully by then I would have written about it here and made it easier for them to find a solution.

I also have some non-tech-related hobbies and interests, I would like to write about those too.

All in good time :)